Juliette Perreux is a makeup artist, born and bred in New York. She is currently based out of Manhattan.

Juliette developed a fascination and appreciation for all things beautiful from a young age. Having spent her childhood and adolescent years studying ballet, Juliette has always been passionate about the arts. Half-French, Juliette regularly travels to Paris and continues to be inspired. Her time spent in the fashion capital of the world has undoubtedly influenced and inspired her career. 

At the age of 12, Juliette started her own successful business combining her passion for dance and her love of beauty, hosting children's birthday parties where young girls could pick out different activities for their special day, including hair/makeup/nails, and learning a choreographed dance. Since then, Juliette's skill and ambition have only grown, leading her to turn her passions into a career in the fashion world as a makeup artist.

Juliette's intuitive eye for color and sophisticated taste are just two qualities that make her work standout from the rest. Her laid-back attitude and ability to capture an individual's spirit and style make Juliette a pleasure to both work and collaborate with. A successful day is one in which Juliette can make her clients look and feel their best.

Instagram: @julietteperreux